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Rice Exporter in Pakistan

As a renowned Rice Exporter in Pakistan, Tarbani Foods stands at a prominent position in the rice industry, providing quality and reliability in the global market. Tarbani Foods is wholeheartedly committed to delivering top-tier rice varieties, establishing itself as the ideal rice supplier in the market. From the Fertile fields of Sindh to your doorstep, Tarbani Foods ensures that you receive nothing short of the best.

Tarbani Foods has mastered the art of striking the perfect harmony between pairing cutting-edge technology with conventional farming strategies, promising a seamless blend of earthy aroma, fluffy texture, and a long grain. Tarbani Foods proudly claims the title of the leading Rice Exporter in Pakistan, providing 100% GMO free organic rice, ensuring that you eat only the best.

Bring the delicious taste of our high-quality rice to your country. Upgrade your cooking and make everyone happy with the best rice ever. Try Tarbani Foods now and see the difference!



Tarbani Foods offers various qualities of rice and rice seed under its registered brand name, Naubahar




Tarbani Foods Wheat Flour Division specializes in processing Wheat seed into Wheat Flour splits



Other Products

Tarbani Foods deals in a wide range of grains, cereals, and other foods products including, when possible.




Tarbani foods handles all the processes from start to end required to provide top-tier food products to customers globally.


The heart of agriculture, the farms, is where the magic begins. At Tarbani Foods, with utmost pride, we cultivate rice at our own farms using premium quality seeds that are precisely produced by Tarbani Foods itself. Moreover, Tarbani Foods extends this opportunity and offers these seeds to the local farmers in the area for cultivation.



At Tarbani Foods, we are on a simple mission: to serve you the best rice and food products. It all begins with the seeds we choose, and we never compromise when it comes to the quality of the seeds. We take complete responsibility for obtaining the seeds by working closely with local farmers and choosing trusted local sellers,



Processing is an essential step in the process of curating the best product, one that requires deep attention to detail to ensure the best quality. We understand the significance of product maturity as it directly affects cooking excellence.Once our meticulously selected paddy passes our rigorous quality tests,  it then proceeds to our



To ensure complete freshness and a rich texture of your product, we employ a considerate process that begins with careful color sorting. Once this process is completed, the products rest in our special storage bins. With these unique bins, the product retains its natural goodness and remains fresh and rich till it reaches your table.



After proper packaging, our products make their way to a well-organized storage that comprises seamless management between raw materials and finished products. Our dedication to serving excellence extends to every aspect of our operations, including warehouse management, inventory tracking and optimization, all of which are crucial



Shipping plays a pivotal role in the process of supply chain management, and it becomes even more significant when the supply contains precious goods like rice and other food products. Here at Tarbani Foods, we recognize the importance of careful and timely delivery of your goods directly to your doorstep. This deep understanding is what drives




Tarbani has been operating in the industry for 14 years but has a rich heritage going back as far as 1936


Tarbani has quickly achieved pinnacles of success, securing multiple awards and recognitions over the years

Tarbani strives to ensure that the company maintains the neccessary qualifications to give its customers peace of mind

Tarbani Foods is a prominent player in Pakistani rice industry and a member of many associations


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Why Choose Tarbani Foods

In an overcrowded market brimming with rice suppliers and exporters, it is crucial to choose the one that prioritizes quality and guarantees authenticity, all while promising affordable pricing. That is exactly where Tarbani Foods comes in as your reliable partner for all things food. Below are some of the reasons why you should trust Tarbani Foods as your ideal rice companion.

Extensive Rice Variaties

Tarbani Foods understands the importance of diversity when it comes to food, which is why you are sure to receive a wide collection of rice and pulse variations along with numerous other food products. No matter whether you are craving the fluffy, airy texture of the Basmati, or the flexibility of the IRRI-9, Tarbani Foods has you covered.

Customer Centric Approach

With Tarbani Foods, you are not just getting a food product; rather, we believe in forming lifelong partnerships with our customers, establishing a relationship full of love and trust. Tarbani Foods prioritizes utmost customer satisfaction, offering comprehensive services ranging from prompt customer support and personalized orders, ensuring that the customer always gets what they want.

Exceptional Quality Assurance

Tarbani Foods ensures that each bite you take is free from any sort of additives or harmful materials, thanks to their strict quality measures. Tarbani Foods prioritizes rigorous quality checks all the way from sourcing the grains from the fields to packing them, staying firm on their commitment to delivering premium quality rice straight to your doorstep.

Sustainable Practices

At Tarbani Foods we entirely care about the environment and everyone in it, therefore, Tarbani Foods opts for sustainable and green farming practices that produce little to no pollution and ensure a safe and healthy produce. In order to ensure commitment to clean and green farming techniques, we actively monitor and interact with our partner farmers. Tarbani Foods is committed to sustainability from farm to table, so you can be sure that the food products you buy are healthy and environmentally friendly.

Market-driven Pricing

Tarbani Foods understands the role of competitive pricing when it comes to the food industry, therefore providing prices that align with the current market while keeping in mind customers of all budget levels. Tarbani Foods offers affordable prices without compromising on quality. Our market-oriented prices guarantee that you get a complete return on your investment.

<p style=”text-align: left; font-size: 18px; “><span style=”color: #333300;”>Tarbani Foods understands the importance of diversity when it comes to food, which is why you are sure to receive a wide collection of rice and pulse variations along with numerous other food products. No matter whether you are craving the fluffy, airy texture of the Basmati, or the flexibility of the IRRI-9, Tarbani Foods has you covered.</span></p>