Tarbani Foods

In Pakistan, rice ranks second in importance among staple foods after wheat, and similarly, it holds the second position among important export goods after cotton. The remainder of the rice, which amounted to about 4 million tons, was consumed in Pakistan. India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Pakistan are the top exporters of rice. Karachi rice exporters are shaped by a range of traders, encompassing both reputable firms with years of experience and growing companies transitioning into the market.

The world may always find food and happiness in Pakistan because of their constant dedication and tireless desire for perfection. Karachi’s top ten rice exporters also make other essential foods. They are the caretakers of a legacy that connects economic power to the global community.

Their effort is to guarantee that there is an approximation of city-rich grasslands. See what the major players have in common with the rice companies in Karachi, and what varieties of rice they contain.

Top 10 Rice Exporters In Karachi

Come discover the histories and effects of the key individuals who represent the spirit of rice export in this dynamic town as we analyze the list of rice exporters in Karachi.

  1. Tarbani Foods
  2. Jhulay Lal Parboiled Rice Mill
  4. K.K. Rice Mills
  5. Meskay & Femtee
  7. MATCO Limited
  8. Mirza Rice Mills
  9. Galaxy Rice Mills
  10. Barkat Rice Mill Private Limited

Tarbani Foods

Tarbani Foods is one of the leading rice exporters in Pakistan Karachi. With decades of experience, this popular exporter has an unbreakable hold of growth. Supplying every region of the globe with rice of the best quality available. What sets them apart is their focus on fair business procedures as well as quality assurance. As a result, every single grain particle that emerges from their mills will serve as a memorial to their commitment.

Jhulay Lal Parboiled Rice Mill

Jhulay Lal Parboiled Rice Mill is one of the main manufacturers of premium rice, comprising all basmati and non-basmati types, alongside mill owners and exporters. It consists of a modern manufacturing facility at Port Qasim Karachi that can crush 30 tons of stuff per hour. In addition, there is a facility producing par-boiled sella, a location for manufacturing bags, and an independent product shipping and clearance company. Designated as Jhulay Lal, it is distributed across worldwide markets.


GARIBSONS differentiates itself with a broad rice offering and an international footprint. Having its main office in Karachi, this well-known exporter has played a significant role in establishing the city as a hub for the rice trade. Their willingness to be reliable and customer fulfillment makes them separate in the competitive rice export market.

K.K. Rice Mills

K.K. Rice Mills is an original and competent exporter who stands out in rural Pakistan. This encapsulates the country’s rice business. K.K. Rice Mills is known for producing items with unrivaled quality and taste. since both the past and the future are founded on history and progress. They are, in fact, the foundation for the rice export sector.

Meskay & Femtee

Every seed is carefully and diligently grown in Meskay & Femtee, which is a brilliant representation of Pakistan’s agricultural sector’s tenets This exporter has a reputation as being reliable and trustworthy. It has built a name for itself in the industry by continuously offering rice of the highest standard. They are proud to be among Pakistan’s leading exporters of rice as a result of their precise concern for quality to maintain international quality standards.


Siddqia Rice Mills is a rice export sector that genuinely sparkles in the scenic Pakistani region. Carefully grown and passionately nourished, each grain represents a combination of beauty and passion. This popular exporter excels in creating rice that fulfills more needs than just satisfying thirst. But it also suits the world’s most sensitive tongues and tastes.

MATCO Limited

Matco Limited is considered a representation of quality and creativity among Pakistan’s rice exporters. This firm has become known for having an international outlook and stretching the limits of perfection. Matco Limited utilizes traditional growth strategies and modern technology to succeed. To cultivate rice that regularly not only satisfies, but also outperforms the worldwide requirement.

Mirza Rice Mills

When it comes to rice exporters from Karachi, Mirza Rice Mills is widely recognized owing to its true processes and firm belief in purity. An important component of Pakistan’s rice export industry is Mirza Rice Mills. With every grain that this exporter produces, which is situated in the middle of rural abundance, incredible tales of aptitude and passion are relayed.

Galaxy Rice Mills

One of the most notable examples of Pakistan’s strong rice export industry is Galaxy Rice Mills. This exporter, whose track record for quality goes back a long time, can manufacture rice that shines in terms of taste and nutritional value. A portion of Pakistan’s stunning natural beauty is present with each seed reaching its crushing operations. A part of the country’s economic legacy is exported by Galaxy Rice Mills in addition to rice.

Barkat Rice Mill Private Limited

Barkat Rice Mills is the peak of export rice competence, having its beginnings firmly established in the financial part of the country. This famous exporter uses a combination of modern technology and traditional techniques for cultivating rice. They have a big impact on the food sector. Since they consistently place considerable emphasis on the quality of what they manufacture and work toward sustainability in their activities.


The top 10 rice exporters from Pakistan are the pillars of Pakistani farming authority in the world. Karachi’s status as a major participant in global rice exports is strengthened by its devotion to quantity and uniqueness. Let’s celebrate how these exporters have shaped the city’s image in the world rice market.

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