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List of Rice Exporters of Pakistan in 2024

“Top 10 rice exporters of Pakistan take their places in the skies during flourishing fields, bringing joy. From the soil of Pakistan to the world, In every food, simple bliss is our pride.”

Rice Suppliers Pakistan

A limited group of agricultural successful individuals climbs to new heights in the core of Pakistan, among growing fields of vibrant green. The Top Rice Exporters of Pakistan, are the pioneers of an important sector that raises the country’s agricultural competence on an international scale. Their unbreakable dedication and persistent desire for perfection. Turn Pakistan’s fertile landscape into an endless supply of sustenance and joy for the entire world.
The importance of these rice suppliers in Pakistan in a world that longs for food of the highest quality must be stated. These exporters produce rice of the best caliber, making sure that each grain contains an assurance of nutriment and satisfaction.

The Top 10 Pakistan biggest rice exporters are not only the producers of basic food. They are guardians of a custom that connects the country’s economic power with the rest of the world. Through their efforts, they make sure that there is a hint of Pakistan’s bountiful plains. And the guarantee of straightforward joy in every grain and every meal.

List of 10 Rice Exporters in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the biggest players in the world rice trade and is located in the geographic center of South Asia. Various rice types, acknowledged for their remarkable quality and flavor, are grown in their rich fields. Let’s look at the list of rice exporters in Pakistan. Each of them has made significant improvements to Pakistan’s notable history of rice export.

  9. Jhulay Lal Parboiled Rice Mill

1. Tarbani Foods

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One of the top rice exporters of Pakistan is Tarbani Foods. We are situated in Sindh, Pakistan, stands as the premier exporter of rice from the region. Our commitment lies in delivering top-tier quality rice to global markets at competitive prices. At the core of our operations is an unwavering emphasis on quality assurance and meticulous processing within our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our diverse range of rice offerings includes the renowned 1121 Basmati White Rice, PK 386, IRRI 9, IRRI 6, and Basmati D-98 / PK-198. Each variant embodies our dedication to excellence, ensuring superior quality and taste.

In addition to our comprehensive rice selection, we also provide wheat and rice flour, further expanding our array of high-quality products.

2. K.K. Rice Mills

k.k rice exporters pakistan

K.K. Rice Mills shines out in the middle of Pakistan’s rural environment as an example of creativity and expertise. Which defines the country’s rice industry. K.K. Rice Mills continually produces a product that is incomparable in terms of quality and flavor. Due to a heritage rooted in history and a future built on development. They are a true foundation of the export of the rice sector.

3. Meskay & Femtee

meskay & femtee rice suppliers

Meskay & Femtee exemplify the values of the Pakistani agricultural sector, where every bean is painstakingly and passionately cultivated. This exporter, whose brand is associated with trust and dependability. It has made an image for itself in the marketplace by continuously supplying rice of the highest standard. They take satisfaction in being amongst the top rice exporters of Pakistan. As a result of their keen eye for specifics and unshakable dedication to maintaining global standards.

4. Garibsons (PVT) LTD

garibsons pvt rice exporter in pakistan

Garibsons is one of the leaders in the rice market for export and is situated among the abundant fields of Pakistan. With a history extending decades, this famous exporter has mastered the skill of growing. And delivering rice of the best possible standard to all regions of the world. They stand out for their attention to quality control and responsible business practices. This ensures that every bit of grain that exits their grinding facilities stands as a testament to their conviction.

5. Siddiqia Rice Mills

siddiqia rice producers pakistan

Siddqia Rice Mills distinguishes itself as a true treasure in the rice export sector in the beautiful Pakistani environment. Each grain is grown with care and supplied with pride throughout its path, which represents a combination of desire and perfection. This renowned exporter is skilled at developing rice that not merely satisfies hunger. But also delights the most sensitive lips and palates around the world.

6. Mirza Rice Mills

mirza rice exporter in pakistan

Mirza Rice Mills is a pillar in Pakistan’s export of rice industry due to its perpetual commitment to quality. With each grain they produce, this exporter, situated near the middle of rural plentiful, tells an inspiring story of commitment and expertise. They are a reputable name in the business community because of their thorough focus on specifications and compliance with international standards.

7. Lal Qilla Rice


When it comes to exporting rice, Lal Qilla Rice is a prominent brand that stands for outstanding quality. The legacy they have left combines history with current innovation, recognizing that rice is more than just a nutritional necessity. It is a cultural pillar that connects nations and traditions of cooking. Lal Qilla Rice tells an adventure of custom, superiority, and the flavor of Pakistan’s enormous crop with every grain.

8. Matco Limited

matco foods limited rice company

In Pakistan’s rice export sector, Matco Limited is an icon of excellence and creativity. This manufacturer has a reputation for pushing the limits of quality and has an international view. Innovative technology and time-tested methods of cultivation are used by Matco Limited. To produce rice that not simply exceeds but frequently outperforms worldwide requirements.

9. Jhulay Lal Parboiled Rice Mill

jhulay lal parboiled rice mill

Jhulay Lal Parboiled Rice Mill is an association company established in 1976. It is among the top producers of quality rice, including both 1121 basmati white rice and non-basmati kinds, as well as millers and exporters. It includes a leading-edge processing facility close to Port Qasim Karachi with a 30-tonne-per-hour grinding capacity. Additionally, it contains a factory that produces par-boiled sella, a facility for printing PP bags, and a private goods clearing and shipping service. The brand name Jhulay Lal is known in the worldwide market.

10. Galaxy Rice Mills

galaxy rice exporter in pakistan

One of the bright spots in Pakistan’s historic rice export industry is Galaxy Rice Mills. This exporter, whose standing for quality goes beyond decades, has mastered the skill to produce rice that excels in both quality and flavor. Each grain that enters their grinding facilities brings with it the very essence of Pakistan’s beautiful land. Not only do Galaxy Rice Mills export rice, but they also export an amount of the country’s economic tradition.

Rice Export Business in Pakistan

The above top 10 rice exporters of Pakistan are the foundations of the country’s agricultural power in the world. They have earned an enviable track record for quality and sustainable practices by demonstrating a strong determination to achieve excellence. Additionally, it establishes Pakistan’s status as a major player in the world rice market.

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What makes Pakistani rice unique for export?

Its high quality, aroma, and taste make Pakistani rice renowned. Particularly, Basmati rice stands out as a specialty renowned for its long grains, fragrant aroma, and excellent cooking properties.

What types of rice are commonly exported from Pakistan?

Pakistan predominantly exports Basmati and non-Basmati rice varieties. Basmati rice includes traditional and aromatic types, while non-Basmati varieties consist of long-grain and medium-grain rice.

How is the quality of Pakistani rice ensured for export?

Pakistani rice maintains its quality through strict adherence to international standards. The rice undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures at various stages of production, processing, and packaging.