Tarbani Foods

Ouzi Rice Recipe

WHAT IS OUZI RICE? This Ouzi rice is a simple evening meal that combines properly prepared rice with beans, carrots, lamb, or beef, a traditional Arab dish. UAE people love

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Dolma recipe

Dolma Rice Recipe In Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey, people frequently refer to Tolma as the “Dolma Dish. Many people in Georgia and numerous other nations commonly eat this dish in

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Jambalaya Recipe

What is Jambalaya? This Jambalaya recipe is everything you need to prepare a delectable pot of Jambalaya, bringing the delicious flavors of Louisiana straight to your plate. The exact meaning

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rice types in india

Rice Types In India | List of Top Rice Varieties In India, you can find a wide variety of rice types, in a nation well-known for its various customs, cultures,

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rice dishes

“Every single individual is likely to eat rice, the only dish that can be mixed with anything. Either it would be children or old people. Let’s Explore together what other

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