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world's leading rice exporter

World’s Leading Rice Exporter in 2024

“We inhale rice, which exports profits, feeds nations around the globe, and breaks
chains. The story of the world’s leading rice exporter in sunshine and rain

Leading Exporter of Rice in the World

India is the leading exporter of rice in the world as on 2024. India contributes almost 40% of the total rice export by different countries. As the world’s leading rice exporter we bring life to vast areas, fostering an abundant crop that not just feeds countries. But it also promotes growth in the economy.
The world frequently disregards the story that underlies it all, despite the crop and the profits, the worldwide reach, and the food. The tale of the largest supplier of rice in the world, twisted with threads of persistent effort. Often recedes into the recesses of history. It refers to an inheritance that is preserved in the crops that filled the globe’s stores. And one that thrives in both the warmth of sunlight and the nourishing touch of rain.

List of the World’s leading rice suppliers

Let’s now pay respect to these agricultural superpowers, the world’s largest rice exporters. These plentiful crops not only feed their countries but also power their economies. We have listed the top 8 rice exporters of the world below:

  1. India
  2. Thailand
  3. Vietnam
  4. Pakistan
  5. Burma (Myanmar)
  6. China
  7. United States
  8. Cambodia

1. India

In 2023–2024, India exported 21.5 million metric tonnes of rice, which made it the biggest supplier of rice in the world. The monsoon rains in India can have an impact on crop quality and productivity. These are a major factor in the country’s rice production. Each grain, from Sona Masuri to Basmati, has a distinct taste and perfume that is the product of many years of artistic ability.

2. Thailand

In 2022-2023, Thailand will hold an export share of nearly 8.2 million metric tonnes of rice. Thereby becoming the second-highest rice producer in the world. Thailand is renowned for its premium jasmine rice, and it’s mostly cultivated in the country’s northeast region. Thai jasmine rice is a beautiful gem that has adorned tables all over the world. It provides a delicious sensation unmatched by any other. Other varieties of rice, including gluten-free rice, rice that has been parboiled, and organic rice, are also produced in Thailand.

3. Vietnam

With a share of the global market of almost 6.8 million metric tonnes of rice in 2023–2024, Vietnam will be the third-biggest rice supplier in the world. The Red River and River Delta, the cradles of life, shed their prayers on these fields. Promising that each seed captures the life giving energy of the land. Vietnam mostly produces long-grain white rice and spiced rice. Thanks to better varieties, irrigation methods, and legislation, the Vietnamese rice industry has experienced impressive expansion in recent years.

4. Pakistan

In 2023-2024, Pakistan will hold an industry share of almost 3.8 million metric tonnes. Rendering it the fourth-greatest rice exporter in the world. The Punjab and Sindh provinces in Pakistan are the leading producers of basmati and non-basmati long-grain white rice. The rice industry in Pakistan makes an important contribution to the country’s finances, jobs, and supply of food. Pakistan’s rice is a symbol of high quality that extends far outside its borders. Not only graces local tables but also surpasses across continents.

7. Burma (Myanmar)

With a share of the worldwide market of roughly 2.4 million metric tonnes in 2023–2024. Burma will be the fifth-biggest exporter of rice globally. The majority of the rice cultivated in Burma is long-grain white and parboiled rice. Fields that produce grains of excellent quality are blessed by the Irrawaddy River, the mother river of civilization. Burmese rice embodies a place rich in history, from the fragrant jasmine to the solid Sativa variety. It provides for the needs of the whole nation and travels to locations far away, showcasing the perseverance of Myanmar’s agricultural traditions.

6. China

With an estimated 2.2 million metric tonnes of the market in the year 2023-2024. China would be the sixth-largest rice supplier in the world. China is the world’s leader in the production of rice. China’s rice legacy is as varied as its surroundings, ranging from the fertile prairies of the River to the rice terraces of Yunnan. Due to the nation’s drive to innovation, hybrid varieties that thrive in many environments have been created. Chinese rice not only sustains its vast people but also adorns tables around the globe.

7. United States

With a market share of roughly 2.0 million metric tonnes in the years 2023-2024. The United States will be the seventh-largest rice producer throughout the world. Six states including Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas contain medium and long-grain rice that are the most commonly cultivated in the United States. Rice fields can be seen from a distance in the southern states. Where the delta of the Mississippi meets the Atlantic Ocean of Mexico. Despite its reputation for its scientific skill and industrial strength, the United States still has a vibrant economic heartland. Rice crops offer proof of the suppleness and versatility of this critically important crop.

8. Cambodia

With a market share of roughly 1.6 million metric tonnes in the year 2023-2024. Cambodia will be the eighth-biggest rice supplier in the world. The rice fields of Cambodia are wedged among the Mekong River and the Tonle Sap Lake. Are a homage to both the wealth of nature and the determination of people. The Mekong River feeds these agricultural lands, ensuring that every grain contains the soul of the country’s long past and colorful culture. Rice from Cambodia not only feeds its citizens. But also travels to kitchens around the world, crafting a relationship that cuts through national boundaries.

Biggest Exporter of Rice in World

The world’s leading rice exporter produces a ringing song of survival and plenty in the musical score that is global agriculture. Each grain of rice is a testament to the producers, hard labor, and the goodness of the natural world. Together, these top rice producers not only support their own countries but also bring together continents by speaking the common language of farming.

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FAQs about The World’s Leading Rice Exporters

Which types of Rice mostly China supply to other Countries? 

China primarily exports long-grain rice, Japonica rice (short to medium grain), and glutinous rice. The specific types can vary based on market demand, trade agreements, and domestic production trends. For the latest information, it’s advisable to consult recent trade statistics.

Which types of Rice mostly india supply to other countries?

India primarily exports Basmati rice, known for its long grains and aromatic quality, to countries in the Middle East, Europe, and North America. Additionally, non-Basmati rice, parboiled rice, and sella rice are also exported to various regions based on market demand. The specific types and quantities of rice exported may vary over time.

Which types of Rice mostly United States supply to other countries?

The United States primarily exports long-grain rice, including varieties like Jasmine and Basmati, to other countries. The specific types and quantities may vary, so it’s advisable to check recent data from sources like the USDA for the latest information.

Which types of Rice mostly Vietnam Supply to other Countries?

Vietnam primarily exports long-grain white rice, including fragrant varieties like Jasmine and Basmati. Additionally, they supply medium-grain rice, glutinous rice, and some brown rice. Vietnam’s role in the global rice market is substantial, with its exports catering to diverse preferences and demands worldwide. The specific types of rice exported may vary based on market dynamics and consumer trends.