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Rice Importers in Oman | Import the Rice In Oman With These Supplier

Looking for the best rice importers in oman? We have you covered. Oman, located in the center of the Arabian Peninsula, is a thriving center of international trade. The variety of rice in the Omani market is a reflection of the country’s rich culinary heritage. Numerous businesses and importers have dominated the rice import market in Oman and improved the quality of life for Omani households by bringing new flavors and innovations to the food scene.

Oman, a country rich in culture and known for its delicious food, mainly depends on rice imports to meet its domestic demand. A diverse population that enjoys savory foods means that there is always a need for rice of the highest caliber. However, finding the best oman rice importers can be quite a challenge. Which is why we have done the hard work for you and have brought you the leading rice importers in muscat oman.

List of Rice Importers in Oman!


1. Tarbani Food

Tarbani Foods

Tarbani Foods is among the leading rice importers in Oman that has made a name for themselves. They source the best varieties of rice with a dedication to quality, giving Omani households a delicious cooking experience.
Tarbani Foods is a well-known brand in the Omani culinary scene with a solid track record of excellence and diversity. They source fine rice from all around Asia, giving long-grain, jasmine, and basmati options to suit a variety of tastes. They are a reliable partner for both restaurants and merchants because of their wide network and dedication to freshness.
Phone: +92 331 9992027
Address:Office# 1403-04 14th Floor, Caesar’s Tower, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal Rd, Karachi Cantonment Fowler Lines,
Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 74600

2. Badriya Foods And Trading Enterprises

Badriya Foods And Trading Enterprises

Badriya Foods And Trading Enterprises stands among the top oman rice importers, renowned for its dependability and effectiveness in the rice import business. Their steadfast commitment to providing Omani consumers with high-quality rice has strengthened their position as one of the leading importers in the area.
Badriya Foods And Trading Enterprises serves wholesalers and distributors, as well as other major buyers, specializing in bulk imports. They are a go-to option for guaranteeing a consistent supply of rice at reasonable costs because of their emphasis on competitive pricing and trustworthy sourcing. With a wide range of options to satisfy different market needs, Badriya Foods And Trading Enterprises provides everything from regular basics to specialty types.
Phone: +968 9882 0066
Address: Ruwi, Warehouse – Misfah, Misfah 131, Oman



Al Rashid has become one of the top rice importers in Muscat Oman due to their creative approach and effective supply chain. They have established themselves as major players in the industry thanks to their focus on maintaining high standards while adapting to market shifts.
Al Rashid International serves discriminating palates looking for uncommon experiences, specializing in gourmet and specialist rice varieties. They provide a carefully chosen variety for individuals who value taste and meticulous selection, ranging from exotic black rice to organic brown rice. They are a food enthusiast’s paradise because of their emphasis on quality and variety.
Phone: +968 9177 3467
Address: Mabella , Near Zam Zam Super Market, 111, Oman

4. Bin Ahmed

BIN AHMED goes above and beyond imports by actively participating in the production and packaging of rice. With a holistic strategy, quality control is maintained throughout the supply chain, ensuring that customers receive rice that is always delectable and packaged hygienically. They are at the forefront of the Omani rice import industry because of their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction.
Phone: NA
Address: 39 Way, Muscat, Oman

5. Al Marwa Rice

Al Marwa Rice

By concentrating just on basmati rice, Al Marwa Rice has established itself as one of the top rice importers in Oman in this upscale market. Their rice comes from the foothills of the Himalayas, which are known to produce the most tasty and aromatic basmati kinds. For picky clients, their commitment to authenticity and careful selection procedure ensure an unmatched basmati experience.
Phone: +968 9888 0682
Address: Way #5257 Block#252 building #1/4465 Ghala Industrial Area Muscat, Muscat, Oman

6. Alasalah International trading

Alasalah International trading

Alasalah is distinguished as one of the prime oman rice importers due to their dedication to ethical trading, with an emphasis on sustainable processes and ethical sourcing. They place a high priority on fair trade agreements with farmers and guarantee supply chain transparency. Customers that value making thoughtful decisions in addition to high-quality rice are drawn to this commitment to ethical business methods.
Phone: +968 9295 9801
Address: 1km before Tharmad Round About Tharmad Musanah Oman, 314, Oman

7. Golden Grains


Golden Grains has placed itself in a prominent position as one of the leading rice importers in Muscat Oman in the hyper-competitive Omani rice market. It offers Oman a wide array of rice varieties. They have a wide range of rice to please your taste buds with diverse tastes, from well-known basmati and jasmine to less commonly recognized aromatic ancestral varieties. The Omani rice landscape is kept lively and interesting by their dedication to investigating new possibilities.
Phone:  +968 9917 6474
Address: Plot No. : 89, E-1, Way No: 5257, Dharmsey Nensy Compound, Ghala,

8. Gazal Al Khadra

Gazal Al Khadra

Gazal Al Khadra was founded in Muscat and focuses on serving the demands of the regional market. Their offers are carefully curated to cater to the different preferences of Omani consumers. They can satisfy the wide variety of tastes that are common in Oman thanks to their extensive selection of rice varieties. They are a well-liked option for both locals and businesses because of their emphasis on regional tastes and trends.
Phone:  +968 26 712294
Address: Al Kadhara Suwaiq 315, 489, Oman

9. MS Imports

With an emphasis on efficiency and a global reach, MS Imports makes up a substantial part of the Omani rice industry. Their commitment to satisfying the needs of the Omani market is emphasized by their search for the highest-quality rice available worldwide. They make use of their wide network to obtain rice at reasonable prices, making it affordable for all societal groups. They play a crucial role in ensuring that rice is still available to everyone because of their dedication to value.
Phone:  +968 26 712294
Address: 134, Seeb, Oman

10. Al Suds

Al Suds

Al Suds is a among the top rice importers in Oman that aims to spread happiness through premium, long-grain rice. They provide steady quality and dependable supply, serving both the retail and wholesale industries. They have a devoted following throughout Oman because of their commitment to providing timely service and meeting consumer needs. Their emphasis on eco-friendly methods distinguishes them in the cutthroat Oman rice market.
Phone: +968 7907 9779
Address: 39 Way, Muscat, Oman

Oman Rice Suppliers

The leading rice importers in Oman enhance Oman’s culinary scene by providing a wide variety of superior rice to homes all around the nation. Every one of these importers adds to the distinct taste mosaic that is Omani cuisine. These rice importers in Muscat Oman play an even more significant role in meeting the refined tastes of the Omani people as long as Oman is a thriving center of international trade.
With their distinct advantages and products, these various businesses power Oman’s thriving rice import market. Among the many oman rice importers, there may be one rice importer that is a perfect fit for your requirements, whether you’re looking for premium basmati, regular mainstays, or exciting new types. The next time you have a wonderful Omani dinner, remember the legendary rice importers working behind the scenes, ensuring you get a meal full of flavor and nutrition.

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