Tarbani Foods


The heart of agriculture, the farms, is where the magic begins. At Tarbani Foods, with utmost pride, we cultivate rice at our own farms using premium quality seeds that are

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At Tarbani Foods, we are on a simple mission: to serve you the best rice and food products. It all begins with the seeds we choose, and we never compromise

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Processing is an essential step in the process of curating the best product, one that requires deep attention to detail to ensure the best quality. We understand the significance of

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To ensure complete freshness and a rich texture of your product, we employ a considerate process that begins with careful color sorting. Once this process is completed, the products rest

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After proper packaging, our products make their way to a well-organized storage that comprises seamless management between raw materials and finished products. Our dedication to serving excellence extends to every

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Shipping plays a pivotal role in the process of supply chain management, and it becomes even more significant when the supply contains precious goods like rice and other food products.

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