Tarbani Foods

rice suppliers in dubai

 Rice Suppliers in Dubai in 2024

  1. Tarbani Foods
  2. Reesha Rice Trader
  3. The Rice Factory
  4. Al Rabiah Trading
  5. Al Ghurair Foods
  6. Al Dahra Agriculture
  7. Al Maya Group
  8. Al Maha Foods International
  9. Al Ameera Foodstuff Trading
  10. Al Adil Trading

Reesha Rice Trader

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What types of rice do Dubai suppliers offer?

Rice suppliers in Dubai typically offer a wide range of rice varieties, including Basmati, Jasmine, Long Grain, Short Grain, Parboiled, and more. The availability may vary among suppliers, so it’s recommended to check with specific suppliers for their product range.

Are the rice products sourced locally or imported?

Dubai serves as a hub for international trade, and many rice suppliers import their products from various countries. It’s common to find both locally sourced and imported rice varieties from reputable suppliers in Dubai.

What quality standards are maintained by rice suppliers in Dubai?

Reputable rice suppliers in Dubai adhere to international quality standards. They often source rice from reliable producers and ensure that their products meet the required quality and safety regulations. Customers can inquire about certifications and quality control measures followed by the suppliers.