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Top 10 Rice Mills in Pakistan 2024


Are you a foodie looking for the best Rice Mills in Pakistan? Worry no more because we bring you the latest insights on all things rice. Pakistan, located in the agricultural heartland, has a long history of producing some of the world’s best rice. Pakistan, the land of beautiful Indus Rivers and lush plains, is also a world leader in rice production.  Pakistani rice, with its aromatic basmati and fluffy non-basmati types, adorns dinner tables across the globe, from Dubai to London.

Rice is a basic food for a significant portion of the population, hence its significance cannot be emphasized.  But which rice company is the best among the numerous that are present in the market? Tag along on this beautiful ride to explore more about the best Rice suppliers in Pakistan that are dedicated to providing quality and have added to the country’s culinary heritage.


Here are the 10 Best Rice Companies in Pakistan  in 2024.

1. Tarbani Foods
2. MATCO Limited
3. Garibsons
5. LDS Foods
6. HAS Rice
7. Asif Rice Mills
8. Lal Qila Rice
9. Aftab Foods
1o.Barkat Rice Mills

1. Tarbani Foods

Tarbani  is among the leading Rice Manufacturers In Pakistan, well-known for its relentless commitment to providing quality rice. It is one of the nation’s leading rice companies because of its emphasis on using both modern methods of processing and traditional agricultural methods to produce rice that is consistently of the finest quality.

This is a rice exporter based in Karachi, Pakistan that supplies rice to all corners of the world. They offer a wide array of rice types that includes IRRI-9, Basmati 385, PK 386, and many more, known for their superior quality and has pleased taste buds all over the world. Expect airy grains, fluffy texture, and a flavor that is out of the world with Tarbani Foods. It is also considerd as one of the top Basmati rice companies in Pakistan.

Apart from Tarbani Foods, there are also numerous rice providers in Pakistan that are offering delectable rice across boundaries, listed below:

Contact :

Phone : +92 331 9992027
WhatsApp : +92 331 9992027
Email Address : contact@tarbanifoods.com
Office Address : 7503 Miro Khan Road, Larkana Sindh

2.  MATCO Limited

It is among the leading Rice Companies in Pakistan that has made a lasting impression on the history of rice production in Pakistan. MATCO Ltd. guarantees quality throughout the whole supply chain and takes immense pride in their top-notch farming techniques. From the cultivation of paddy fields to the use of cutting-edge milling techniques, Matco Limited ensures the production of outstanding high-quality rice.

Being a major participant in the market, Matco Limited keeps establishing standards for Pakistani rice producers.  With its modest origins and rise to global recognition, Matco has established itself as a leader in the premium non-basmati rice market. Known for their flawless texture and delectable earthiness, the “IRRI-6 White” and “IRRI-6 Brown” varieties are favorites in Pakistani recipes.


Phone: +9221-36411661

Address: B-1 / A, S.I.T.E Phase 1, Super Highway Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan 75340

3.  Garibsons

Garibsons PVT Ltd is among the Top Rice Mills in Pakistan that has established a name for innovation. This enterprise uses state-of-the-art equipment and has been pivotal in revolutionizing the production of rice throughout Pakistan. As one of the nation’s top providers of rice, Garibsons has gained a reputation for both sustainability and superior quality, both locally and internationally .

Garibsons is a well-known company in the rice industry, known for their dedication to sustainable agricultural methods and organic farming practices. Each grain of their rice is carefully selected to have the perfect airy texture and ideal size. Every plate of their Super Kernal basmati rice tells a tale of environmental responsibility in addition to being delicious.


Phone:  92-21-111-427-421

Address: C69-71, 12th Commercial Street Phase 2 Ext, DHA, Karachi, 75500, Pakistan


SAREMCO International has gained recognition all around the world as one of the top Rice Suppliers In Pakistan. Due to its steadfast commitment to quality control, this company has established itself as a reliable supplier of premium rice both domestically in Pakistan and globally.

Every grain produced by SAREMCO reflects their dedication to quality. These rice masters create export-quality basmati that is distinctive by combining conventional methods with modern technologies. Flavored grains from SAREMCO bring a hint of Pakistani magic to international cuisine from the Middle East to Europe.


Phone:  +92 321 9797191

Address: Office No. 4, Second Floor, Commercial Center, PCSIR Phase-ll, Lahore, Pakistan.

5.  LDS Foods

Generation after generation, LDS Foods has nurtured a heritage of rice expertise. They are said to be one of the most acclaimed Rice Manufacturers In Pakistan, ensuring a product that represents Pakistan’s rich agricultural legacy. LDS Foods strikes the perfect blend between cutting-edge technology with time-honored approaches to offer a product that is beyond satisfactory.

This is one of the leading rice producers in the nation, keeps producing rice that showcases Pakistan’s culinary skills. This creates basmati rice that is both innovative and familiar by fusing traditional family recipes with contemporary technology. Because of its genuine Pakistani taste and affordability, their Super Basmati Brown Rice is an all-time favorite for families all over the country and even beyond the borders.


Phone:  +92 3 08 3333 733

Address: Manhala Kalan Bata Pur, Lahore,Punjab, Pakistan

6.  HAS Rice

HAS Rice Pakistan is one of the best Rice Companies in Pakistan that has mastered the art of bringing a heritage of taste and flavor straight from the field to your plate. The company manages all aspects of rice production because of a tightly integrated supply network.

HAS Rice has secured a prominent position in the market thanks to their commitment to providing nothing short of the best. Originating from Sindh’s rice belt, HAS Rice is a passionate family-run enterprise. Renowned for its exceptionally long grains and strong fragrance, its “Super Kernel” basmati is a top choice for both home cooks and culinary experts.


Phone: (021) 34132786

Address:  Suite 403, Balad Trade Centre, Alamgir Rd, Delhi Mercantile Society, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75900

7.  Asif Rice Mills

Asif Rice Mill is one of the Top Rice Companies in Pakistan that is widely known for its reliability and quality. This company, which has modern facilities, is dedicated to maintaining the best standards in rice production. Asif Mill is a well-known rice supplier in the nation because of its extensive variety of rice varieties.

It has something for every occasion with its wide range of rice types.  Asif Rice Mill is a leader when it comes to providing exceptional quality.Their 1121 Kainat Basmati is acclaimed for its moderate price, reliable quality, and delicate, nutty flavor that uplifts regular meals.


Phone: +92 21 35397706

Address: Al Remat Trade Center Office # 403, Opposite City Court, Dandia Bazar, Karachi-Pakistan.

8.  Lal Qila Rice

It  is one of the leading Rice Manufacturers In Pakistan that has gained its reputation as a top-tier. Lal Qila is highly acclaimed for its comprehensive range of high-grade rice varieties, each of which represents unmatched excellence.

This takes pride in its dedication to perfection and gives every Pakistani dish a royal touch.  It is the basmati legacy that drives this Lahore-based business. Meticulously aged to optimize fragrance and taste, their “Lal Qilla Gold” brand is a true foodie’s favorite. Lal Qilla’s magic is like fluffy grains that are brimming with the essence of sunshine from Pakistan.

9.  Aftab Foods

One of the leading Rice Suppliers In Pakistan, Aftab Food Industries takes immense pride in providing rice products that stick to the tightest quality guidelines. They are recognized as a trustworthy option in the market due to their emphasis on sustainable methods and organic practices.

These innovative rice producers use modern machinery to provide reliable quality and affordable costs. Their commitment to provide affordable, restaurant-quality rice experiences at home can be seen by their 1121 basmati.


Phone:  021-34322487

10.  Barkat Rice Mills

Barkat Rice Mills, one of the best Rice Mills in Pakistan, is the pinnacle of excellence and innovation. With decades of experience, this well-known mill guarantees rice production of the highest standard, meeting international requirements.

Their wide variety of rice products, which are carefully prepared with cutting-edge technology, include fragrant Basmati and versatile Long Grain that perfectly capture the spirit of the rich Pakistani land. Every one of their fluffy grains tells the tale of their generations-long history of meticulous manufacturing.


Phone: (051) 4440859
Address: 221 Street 1, I-10/3 I 10/3 I-10, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 67337

Top Rice Companies in Pakistan

The top ten Rice Mills in Pakistan combine modernity and history to meet a broad spectrum of demands from international customers. These rice brands, which prioritize quality, sustainability, and innovation, are changing the face of the rice sector and establishing Pakistan as a major participant on the global marketplace.

These Top Rice Companies in Pakistan elevate the rice landscape of Pakistan, placing it in a prominent position when it comes to the best rice exporters. They provide a world of delectable options, from fragrant basmati royalty to numerous non-basmati riches. Among these Pakistani treasures, explore, experiment, and discover your own rice masterpiece.

Apart from rice companies in Pakistan, we have also created the list of top Rice Suppliers in Dubai.


which is the most famous rice brand in pakistan?

Popular rice brands in Pakistan include “Super Kernel Basmati,” “Kohinoor,” “Daawat,” and “Falak.” However, market preferences can change, so it’s recommended to check recent sources for the latest information.

where is the best rice in pakistan areas?

The best Basmati rice in Pakistan is often associated with specific regions:

  1. Punjab (Kalar, Kamoke, Hafizabad): Known for high-quality Basmati rice.
  2. Sindh (Khairpur, Larkana): Significant contributor to Basmati rice production.
  3. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Swat): Recognized for producing quality Basmati rice.

When choosing rice, consumers often prefer reputable brands and specific varieties like Super Kernel Basmati or 1121 Basmati, known for their premium quality. Pakistani Basmati rice is globally renowned for its excellence.

which is the best rice brand in pakistan?

Determining the best rice brand in Pakistan is subjective. Popular choices include Super Kernel Basmati Rice, Basmati Rice Pakistan, and Guard Rice. Consider factors like type, quality, and packaging.

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