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Introducing the IRRI-9, the culinary staple where quality meets excellence. Known for its sensational flavor and perfectly long and slender grains that make up for a flawless dining experience like no other. IRRI-9 is a supreme variant of rice that is packed with nutrients and enlightens even your everyday meals.

Fluffy and Rich Texture of IRRI-9

The excellence and the magic lie in the long and thin fluffy grains of the IRRI-9 that are perfect for any cuisine; no matter if you are up for something traditional or in the mood for some Asian meal, the IRRI-9 is a perfect fit for all. These long and aromatic grains ensure an exquisite visual and gastronomic experience.

Thi is a supreme rice variant that is praised all over the world for its aromatic richness, long fluffy grains. It is a vibrant color. What truly sets this rice variant apart from the others. Its relatively lower price while still promising all the magical attributes of other rice variants. This is the reason why this stands as Tarbani Food’s major export. Cherished by all kinds of people in countries like Africa, Bangladesh, and the Middle East.

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