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Tarbani Foods is delighted to introduce Basmati-385 to our diverse rice line, a timeless emblem of excellence and tradition. It is a premium variety of rice that is sourced directly from the fields of Punjab, commonly known as Basmati Rice. People have long cherished Basmati-385 for its perfect texture, long grains, and delicate aroma.

Distinctive Attributes

Basmati-385’s supreme quality and aroma blend into your dishes, making them mouth-watering and delectable. What makes it so unique is that it does not stick during cooking and has the perfect nutritional value. Apart from being a staple that is rich in nutrients, the Basmati-385 also has an aesthetic profile and consists of a delicate odor that will fill up your whole house when cooked.

Adaptability of Basmati 385

This  is not just any rice, it is your kitchen companion that opens doors to new culinary possibilities. Its versatility knows no limits, making it indispensable in the kitchen, efficiently adapting to any delight you are cooking. It can be used in all forms of cooking, whether you are preparing traditional recipes, savory dishes, or desserts.

Aesthetic and aromatic profile

Basmati-385 is one of the most supreme rice variants whose long and slender grains when cooked will shine like pearls in your pot, engulfing your house with a magnificent fragrance that will engross anyone from afar. It’s not just about meals, it’s about elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary. It adds a touch of grace and a burst of flavor, turning even the simplest meals into culinary delights that are far beyond delicious.

Experience the timeless excellence and rich tradition of Basmati-385 from Tarbani Foods. Take your dining experience to new heights with the perfect quality, intricate aroma, and supreme texture with our exclusive rice products, highly admired in Europe and the Middle East for their exceptional features. Order now and transform every meal into a

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