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Ouzi Rice Recipe


This Ouzi rice is a simple evening meal that combines properly prepared rice with beans, carrots, lamb, or beef, a traditional Arab dish. UAE people love to eat this ouzi rice recipe. chicken Ouzi Rice comes in many different kinds of shapes, like bread packages or the more classic form with ouzi lamb chunks. Even though it’s quicker to prepare, ouzi rice tastes just as good. It retains the original taste of heated peas, carrots, and, in this instance, meat that has been minced.


1.Feel free to use any kind of ground lamb or beef. UAE peeps use both alternately when they prepare ouzi rice. They prefer taking advantage of thinner pieces, like lamb leg, and ground to produce their beef at home.

2. Then the major component is Long-grain white rice, such as basmati rice, which needs to be used. You can also opt for brown basmati instead of basmati but for that, you will have to change the watering schedule appropriately.

3. Although white and sweet onions can also be used, red onions are currently the most commonly used type.

4. Approximately an entire cup and fifty grams of mixed frozen vegetables will be required. Usually, the use of leftover carrots and green pea combo when making ouzi is preferable.

5. Though only using a small amount for this recipe we need to cook the onions in, you can substitute any kind of vegetable oil if you would prefer. Extra virgin olive oil is usually people’s go-to oil of choice.

6. A mixture of cinnamon sticks, an entire dry lime, seven herbs and spices, bay leaves, powdered white pepper, and salt and black pepper according to preference is needed for making this flavorful spiced rice. You have the option to change these according to your preferences and what is available.

7. Now fried nuts are required for the finishing touch. By combining sliced almonds and pine nuts.

8. Usually, People prefer to cook the nuts in butter rather than using olive oil, but this is a personal choice. However, you may use olive oil.


This 30-minute recipe for the tastiest ouzi dish has all the characteristics of a regular ouzi. ouzi recipe ground beef, peas, carrots, cinnamon, and all spices are all significant flavors in it.

1. First, add the ground beef, garlic powder, cinnamon, and salt to a saucepan over medium heat. Slice the meat into smaller pieces, then cook it for 5 to 8 minutes, or until it’s cooked through and has a light brown color.

2. Add the carrots and peas in a pot with ghee until the meat is grilling. Add salt and pepper for flavoring, then cook for a few moments until the vegetables start to get soft.

3. Stir the rice and cinnamon into the peas and carrots. Once the rice is fully cooked and the water has disappeared, give it a final stir and boil on medium to low heat for around 20 minutes.Mix the rice slightly with the help of a fork.

4. Stir the rice bowl after adding halfway of the fried ground meat. Place the remaining ground beef over the rice on a plate. Finally, add a crunchy topping of fried slivered almonds on top. You can also make an ouzi recipe with chicken depending on which ingredients you have currently available.

5. This is a delightful dish that goes well with yogurt, but you can also mix it up with cucumbers additionally lime juice, salt, pepper, chopped cloves of garlic, mint leaves, and salads!

Try out this recipe to see if it makes a difference in your taste senses or not!


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