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Dolma Rice Recipe

In Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey, people frequently refer to Tolma as the “Dolma Dish. Many people in Georgia and numerous other nations commonly eat this dish in many different forms. It means a vegetable that has been dug out and filled, or a filling that is covered in a leaf. Vegetables, rice dishes, and meat can be used as fillers.


Dolma recipe

Ground beef, rice, great spices, and natural herbs come together to make this tasty and nutritious recipe. You can cook and eat this dolma recipe in a cozy setting, at room humidity, or serve it as a starter, snack, or dinner.


Dolma recipe making

Let’s follow the steps to make the dolma rice recipe in a proper way.

1. For making the best Dolma Recipe few major ingredients are required. Firstly gather that.

2. Take caution not to harm the grape leaves when you gently remove them from their jar and give these individuals a long soak in cold water. After patting dry, arrange the leaves on a chopping board.

3. Cut the stems off of the leaves with a tiny, sharp trimming knife.

4. Place a piece of paper towel over it and put it away.

5. After heating the olive oil in a big pot over a medium-high flame, add the garlic, onion, herb parsley, and mint. Fry the onion for around 6 minutes, or until it is tender and scented.

6. For a further three to eight minutes, cook the grains of rice and pine nuts, if applying, while stirring often.

7. After adding four cups of the vegetable sauce, steam for a few minutes. After completing the vegetarian rice dolma recipe, reduce the flame to a low setting and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes, adding more water as needed.

8. After thoroughly mixing in half a cup of lemon juice, cook for a further 2 to 3 minutes, or until the majority of the water has been absorbed. Switch off the flame for the pan.

These are the necessary steps that must be followed in order to make the dolma Rice Recipe. Now It’s time for the Decoration and your Creativity.


dolma put togather

1. Make up an organized, dry area to work in. Put one of the leaves of grapes gently on the prepared surface, with the shiny side down. Add 1 to 2 tsp of filling to the middlemost part of the leaf, slightly higher than the center of the stem’s original point.

2. Fold the leaf edges inward toward the center.

3. Next, roll the tip of the leaf’s bottom around the substance being filled and keep rolling while tucking the sides in until you have fully wrapped the dolma and hidden the filling.

4. Place the dolma sideways in a sizable saucepan or pan that will accommodate each of the dolma in one layer.

5. Place one dolma right next to the next, ensuring there is no empty space between them, and continue until all the grape leaves have been utilized.

6. Cover the grape leaves with the leftover four cups of vegetable stock.

7. For one hour, boil the pot covered over moderately low heat. To keep the grape leaves covered, add water as desired.

8. After taking the pan off the cooker, leave it open and allow the dolmas to settle in the water for twenty to thirty minutes.

9. Transfer the dolmas gently to a serving dish with a forked spoon. Add a bit of lemon juice and a tablespoon of olive oil over it, then serve it refrigerated at room temperature.


Once the best rice for dolmas cools, you can freeze the cooked rice for dolmas for three months or keep it in the fridge for five days after it cools. Before cooking, you can also form and freeze the dolmas; simply make sure to cover them tightly before storing.


The dolmas are terrific small bites that keep nicely. This Dolma recipe is perfect for supper clubs, weddings, dinners, and picnics because they look so pretty on a platter!

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